Contains ZSH Functions
Updated 2024-05-30 23:30:22 +02:00
Block sets for use with Konilo. These need to be added to your personal block set before use, and most will require the basic 128 blocks from the main repository to be loaded (specifically, the (std) and (termina) sets). Some of these may also require vocabularies from the konilo-extensions repository.
Updated 2024-05-24 20:37:26 +02:00
Phoenix components based on Bulma CSS
Updated 2024-05-24 09:33:35 +02:00
Konilo is a personal computing system, written in a bespoke Forth dialect. It runs on the ilo computer. This repository contains the source code for the minimal Konilo kernel and the essential blocks. To build this you will need a copy of the pali assembler. To run it, you will need an ilo computer. These are not included in this repository.
Updated 2024-05-23 20:10:37 +02:00
An assembler for the ilo computer
Updated 2024-05-23 19:53:51 +02:00
Retro is a modern, pragmatic Forth drawing influences from many sources. It's clean, elegant, small, easy to grasp, and adaptable to many tasks.
Updated 2024-05-23 18:36:53 +02:00
Dive into FreeBSD - beginner/ hobbyist/ tinkerer friendly, mobile-first web interface to run FreeBSD as a personal/ public server.
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Updated 2024-05-21 08:16:42 +02:00 website
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This repository contains many MicroPython Examples for ESP8266, ESP32, RP2040 Boards
Updated 2024-05-10 14:23:17 +02:00
A Telnet, SSH and Web Based Public IP Address Lookup Service for BSD Cafe
Updated 2024-05-09 14:41:04 +02:00
Updated 2024-05-08 20:34:59 +02:00
RC script for Home Assistant Core in a Python virtual environment on FreeBSD
Updated 2024-05-07 12:12:41 +02:00