Ruby bindings for capsicum(4)
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bsdcapsicum.rb provides Ruby bindings for capsicum(4).


Capability mode

A process can enter into capability mode by calling BSD::Capsicum.enter!. After entering capability mode, the process has limited abilities. File descriptors acquired before entering into capability mode remain accessible and unrestricted, but their capabilites can be reduced. See the cap_enter(2) manual page for more details:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "bsd/capsicum"

print "In capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.in_capability_mode? ? "yes" : "no"), "\n"
print "Enter capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.enter! ? "ok" : "error"), "\n"
print "In capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.in_capability_mode? ? "yes" : "no"), "\n"

rescue Errno::ECAPMODE => ex
  print "Error: #{ex.message} (#{ex.class})", "\n"

# In capability mode: no
# Enter capability mode: ok
# In capability mode: yes
# Error: Not permitted in capability mode @ rb_sysopen - /dev/null (Errno::ECAPMODE)


By spawning a child process and then entering capability mode, restrictions can be limited to a child process (and its child processes, if any). This can be helpful in an architecture where a parent process can spawn one or more child processes to handle certain tasks but with restrictions in place:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "bsd/capsicum"

print "[parent] In capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.in_capability_mode? ? "yes" : "no"), "\n"
fork do
  print "[subprocess] Enter capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.enter! ? "ok" : "error"), "\n"
  print "[subprocess] In capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.in_capability_mode? ? "yes" : "no"), "\n"
  print "[subprocess] Exit", "\n"
  exit 42
print "[parent] In capability mode: ", (BSD::Capsicum.in_capability_mode? ? "yes" : "no"), "\n"

# [parent] In capability mode: no
# [subprocess] Enter capability mode: ok
# [subprocess] In capability mode: yes
# [subprocess] Exit
# [parent] In capability mode: no


The BSD::Capsicum.set_rights! method can reduce the capabilities of a file descriptor. The following example obtains a file descriptor in a parent process (with full capabilities), then limits the capabilities of the file descriptor in a child process to allow only read operations. See the rights(4) man page for a full list of capabilities:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "bsd/capsicum"

path = File.join(Dir.home, "bsdcapsicum.txt")
file =, File::CREAT | File::TRUNC | File::RDWR)
file.sync = true
print "[parent] Obtain file descriptor (with all capabilities)", "\n"
fork do
  BSD::Capsicum.set_rights!(file, %i[CAP_READ])
  print "[subprocess] Reduce capabilities to read", "\n"

  print "[subprocess] Read OK", "\n"

    file.write "foo"
  rescue Errno::ENOTCAPABLE => ex
    print "[subprocess] Error: #{ex.message} (#{ex.class})", "\n"
file.write "[parent] Hello from #{}", "\n"
print "[parent] Write OK", "\n"

# [parent] Obtain file descriptor (with all capabilities)
# [subprocess] Reduce capabilities to read
# [subprocess] Read OK
# [subprocess] Error: Capabilities insufficient @ io_write - /home/user/bsdcapsicum.txt (Errno::ENOTCAPABLE)
# [parent] Write OK


A complete API reference is available at


bsdcapsicum.rb is available via

gem install bsdcapsicum.rb


See also

  • Freaky/ruby-capsicum
    bsdcapsicum.rb is a fork of this project. It was a huge help both in terms of code and documentation.


BSD Zero Clause

Freaky/ruby-capsicum is released under the terms of the MIT license
See LICENSE.ruby-capsicum